Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

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OHH!!  Are you excited for this weeks Wacky Wednesday?  I am.  So this isn't going to be new for everyone, but it is still interesting.  Or at least I think it is.  So Karst comes from a family of 6 boys and no girls, and I come from a home with 5 girls and no brothers.  Needless to say, it made our first year of marriage so much more exciting!!  Karst, learned a lot about girls that year, like we do really fart,we are very competitive and what a bad hair day is and what it means.  I learned that boys are very sensitive, I learned how to watch football and follow it, and in desperate times they can make a bathroom anywhere.  

His family has always been so good to me, and made me feel a part.  Mothers who only have sons, make the best mother-in-laws!!  When we were first married and we'd be visiting Karst's family, he would go downstairs to be with his brothers and would forget I was there, but his mom would just keep me entertained.  She has taught me so much about cooking.  She can throw a meal together for all of her family like no one's business and she has enough to feed her boys and whatever guests they bring home, plus she always has left overs for us to take home. Can you imagine feeding 6 growing boys every day?    

One of my favorite things about being a part of their family, is watching the way those boys treat their mom.  They are so respectful around her and they would move heaven or hell for her.  So I would watch this in amazement and wonder how this little soft spoken, loving lady had taught her sons to be so respectful to her, and I saw it so many times. I learned, it was because that was how she treated them.  She would move heaven or hell for any of her sons, she would drop anything to be there for them, she was always there for them.  She has been a wonderful example and a true friend to me.  

Richard, Karst's dad, has always been great to me, and has been a good father to Karst. He even lets me cut his hair when he doesn't think he needs a hair cut.  What a good sport.   He also has taught me about cooking, like letting me know when the bacon is too crispy or when the dressing is completely stirred. Because of Richard's love for scouting, Karst had many scouting opportunities and gained his own love for scouting.  It has been interesting to watch Karst and his relationship with his dad change over time. 

The boys, Brad, Brandon, Brian, Karsten, Kris and Tommy, are great brother-in-laws and have always been great to me.  Plus they can tease Karsten better than I ever could.  They are each so different and so unique, yet they get along so well.  So here is a little story about Karsten, and his older brothers, one day when his mom was at work, she got a call from the neighbor telling her the Karsten was on the roof of their house.  He was 4 years old and his brothers had talked him up there but they couldn't get him off the roof.  His mom had to come home from work, climb the ladder and get her 4 year old off her roof. To this day Karsten is terrified of heights. Oh so many stories so little time.  

So I would love to tell you Karsten's perspective on my family, but he is in Reno so you'll have to take my side of it.  (Can you tell he's gone, I'm a little talkative.)  So I am the second of the five girls.  My older sister Tera is 18 months older than me and my younger sister Rebecca is 18 months younger than me, then their is Ashlynn who is 8 years younger and Channelle who is 15 years younger than me.  So there is quite the dynamic.  Just because we didn't have brothers didn't mean we didn't get in fights.  We broke mirrors, ripped clothes and even threw a few punches, luckily I think we grew out of it.  We would spend a lot of time together in the summer, because our parents were at work, so we had to watch the younger girls.  We had tomato soup fights, dared each other to eat raw eggs, learned how to literally climb the walls and how to listen for my moms car to get everything cleaned up real fast. Sisters are great, because they know who you are, where you came from and they are there cheering you on as you make your own path in life.  We haven't always agreed on everything, but my sisters have always been there for me.

My mom loved having 5 girls, her favorite part was dressing us the same.  We love to tease her about it now. She always had someone willing to go shopping.   And my poor dad, luckily he worked shift work so he could miss out on a lot of our chaos.   He's a good sport, but I think he is glad now that he 3 son-in-laws.  I think he has learned how stubborn girls can be.  I am sure if any of our husbands need some advise on living with us, he would tell them to get a good horse on a lot of property to keep their sanity.  I am sure he could even give them lessons in selective hearing.  

So there you have it a little bit about our families and what we have learned from them.  I think as our own family grows and we have sons and daughters of our own, both of us will probably learn a lot more about the opposite sex.  

Look at all our pictures below.

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