Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Karsten and I need an intervention to join OA. "Over-packers Anonymous."  
When Karst goes backpacking, his friend Steve makes him go through the pack to lighten it because he tries to pack everything he thinks he might need.  Like 4 pair of levi's for hiking, because that is a good idea.  He'll take 3 pair of shoes and if there is a pocket or a little extra space it is going to be filled.

Me, well lets just say that I lug everything in my purse, I always have large purses because I always need my planner, wallet, ipod, gum, business cards, pens, pencils, highlighters, white-out, tape, scissors, notebooks, phone, sunglasses, eyeglass cleaner, granola bars, lipstick allergy medicine and tissues.  
The best is when we are going on a trip together.  I 
can't believe I have never taken a picture of our luggage when we go to Wyoming.  Seriously, we are a little obsessive.  And this not an exaggeration, if we think we might need it we take it, we have even taken Fred (our cat) a few times, because what if we need to pet her or see her or something.  We did finally stop trying to make her a traveling cat.  Besides the regular "necessities" like deodorant and a toothbrush.  This is seriously what we pack.  We each bring a pillow and blanket, a cooler, at least one crochet project.  The ibook, Karst's work laptop, my scanner, a few books, 3 pair of shoes each, snow shows, snow clothes,  bottles of water, ipods.  We each fill a suitcase with clothes, another bag for shower supplies, battery 
charger, cell phone charges, Nintendo DS's (all our games), running clothes, homework and bored games.  We love our ipods because now we don't have to try and figure which 30 CD's we are going to take, we take the 80 gig ipod and we are good to go.  Can you even imagine what will happen when we have kids?

And believe me I wish I was kidding when I said I have taken our dishes, goblets, napkins,table clothes, videos, ribbon, tongs, candles, air mattress and sleeping bag.  
Why all the stuff?  We are only 2 hours away, there is a Wal-mart right there.  We are still in civilization our families have nice homes with many things. We will be gone for 2 days 3 at the most. But somehow we just 
sleep better with everything we own surrounding us.  This is why we need the Over-packers anonymous.  Next time we have a trip I will get all the pictures so you can see how out of control we really are.  

So when you are on the interstate heading east on I-80 and you see a car with boxes strapped to the top, the trunk tied down with snow shoes sticking out and the back seat is so full of boxes you can't see any heads, you might say to yourself, "wow I bet those people are moving" and then you pa
ss and notice it is a silver Lancer with two great looking people singing at the top of their lungs, just wave and say oh, that is Karst and Kim on their way to Wyoming for a few days.

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