Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wacky Wednesday. . . 7 year itch?

Well, I think our lives are almost back to normal now, so on with the show right?

Okay this weeks Wacky Wednesday isn't too Wacky, but maybe it is interesting?  Today is out 7th anniversary of being in this home.  I can't believe we have been here for 7 years, that is just too crazy. Especially because we were only going to be here 5 years.  Well, guess what, 7 years later and there is no plans to move.  So do we feel the "itch" the feeling to move on?  No,we have an amazing ward and neighbor, we have great friends in our circle.  How would life ever be the same if we couldn't run over to their house Sunday Night in our pajamas with our fleece blankets to watch Desperate Housewives?  Who would go on a drink run for us?  Who would entertain us, as well as they do?  Who would be there to help us out all the time like they are?

So 7 years ago we moved in here with a full moving truck, a 85 chevy nova, a 95 chevy s-10, no cat, and 2 different jobs.  We have had 5 housemates,  lots of parties, and several great memories.  Our housemates have left, our cars have changed, our jobs have changed, the color on the walls have changed, we have changed.  But the best part of all of this change in the last 7 years of living here, is that our house has now become our home.  It is our sanctuary from the world, it is where we want to be with friends and family. Where we want to be after a long day. It is where our heart is.

So here is to the next 7 years (I am pretty sure).

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Jen said...

Awe! That's so sweet! I can't wait for Frank to be out of the Army so we can make a home like that. I remember going to you house warming party....I'm sure it's changes since then but it was lovely then. Take care Kim!