Thursday, May 29, 2008

Winner?? Who guessed 235

Can you believe it only took Karst 235 days from when "we" started the blog do a post? Even though he only did it to show me how much smarter he is, we will give it to him. Because hey wasn't that a great video off you tube?

Some people had a little pool going of how long it would take Karst to do a post, some said 3 months, some said 6, some guessed 3 years. The winner is Fred, who guessed 236 days ( I think they were in cahoots). I won't tell you my guess because there is a small chance he could read this post, all I can say is I never gave up. I knew that if you wait long enough and didn't bug him, it could happen. And I am just relieved to see someone else's words on our beautiful benevolent basely blamable blue blog!!

And to keep the scoring tradition alive: 
Karst 1
Kim 78
As long as I am the winner, that is all that matters!!

1 comment:

Naomi said...

That is pretty good!! I don't think that I will ever get nate to post on "our" blog. I have to tell him to check it every time that I post a new post.