Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wacky Wednesday - Our Couch

If you have been to our house you know that hands down we have the best couch in the world.  
It is like 20 years old, but it is so great.  It was Karst's uncles and after Karst did some back breaking labor for him we got it.  It is a sectional that is wide enough that it makes a pretty comfortable bed.  When ever my sister come to stay with me they sleep on the couch. When one of Karst's brother's lived with us they slept on the couch.  When we have people over we all sit on the couch, it can hold like 7 people.  

It's one of Karst's best friends.  He resprings 
the springs, he washes the pillows and keeps it looking pretty good for how old it is.  He loves to sit on it and work on his butt groves, but his favorite thing is to sleep on the couch.  About once a week we'll sleep on the couch, him on one side me on the other.    It's perfect.

Although we have talked about finding a new couch, we just can't go through with it.  They just don't make them like this anymore.  The seat is do deep, but the support is so great and I love all the pillow because you can make yourself so comfortable.  If we ever do get a new couch there is a waiting list of the people who want this couch.  

So next time your over at our house, please sit and enjoy with us in lushness and greatness we call  "OUR COUCH".

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Kamie said...

That is awesome! I wish we had a nice couch. I hate our couch. :P

I am totally thinking I need to come try it out.