Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa is coming to Charlee's house

Guess what? Santa gets to come to our house for the very first time and I am so excited. Of course I need to get it all pretty clean and decorated so he will want to leave lots of extra gifts for Charlee (and the house cleaner!!).

I have been searching high and low looking for the perfect doll to ask Santa for, because hello your first doll from Santa is very special. I still have my first doll, ( I'll get a picture posted), and although Charlee will only be 7 weeks old, she will need a dolly in the next year. Well I found this great website Fat Brain Toys it was seriously one of the easiest websites to use, after searching others (like Amazon) for the perfect doll and finding this one that had what I was looking for and so easy to use, plus they have lots of educational/developmental toys (Rebecca I know I got your attention now), it is now in my bookmarks!

So this is the doll we will ask Santa to bring:

Isn't she perfect?
So many of the dolls don't have hair,
hello how can Charlee have a doll without hair?
Haven't you seen her?
It brings tears to my eyes and kisses to Charlee's cheeks, when I think about Santa coming to our house and us sharing with her our family traditions, and starting new ones. What a HUGE blessing and honor it is to have this privilege, I will treasure every moment.


Kamie said...

How exciting! I am so happy that Santa gets to come to your house this year! Eeeek....

i really need to meet your little one!

I love the doll. She is perfect!

Kamie said...

And then you post another cute, cute picture after I leave? Good thing I came back! She is so cute! Seriously.

Vanessa Shannon said...

Isnt motherhood awesome.....she is so precious. Will you tell us whats behind her name? Is it pronounced 'SH'arlee or actually 'ch'arlee. Is it random or does it have meaning. Also her middle name is so unique...will you share that origin? I love to know stuff like that. I want to see her and hold her...she is too cute. Im so happy for you, and i know Ive said it like a million times already but seriously, im so happy for you!...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Kim said...

BABY STELLA! Did you not know Emms has one and that it is her FAVORITE doll on the planet? will be Charlee's too! She is a dawl.

Ron and Jessica said...

It looks like you found the perfect doll for her. I'm sure she'll LOVE it! Charlee is adorable.

Melissa said...

That doll is PERFECT! Too cute.

Leisha said...

You found one! It is serious perfection. She will love it to pieces.