Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Need to hear some good news?

Before we knew we would be going down the adoption road, we watched our friends Nate and Naomi go through the processes.  It was amazing to watch, we learned so much about open adoption and the realities of the ups and downs of the whole processes.  They adopted Aleena 15 months ago.  
When we realized we would be going down the same path to get our family, they were so helpful to us, for the good and the bad days.
And now they have some NEWS!!  Click here to check out their blog to get the details yourself.  I am still in shock, but so excited, I have to go to the bathroom.  


m.moments said...

Wow I am so shocked. How awesome for them. Its amazing how much the Lord really has a plan for everyone, and every child.

Kim said...


Leisha said...

That is so exciting for them. Such a cute little girl they have too.