Monday, May 18, 2009

What I really think about Mary Kay

Just typing the word Mary Kay makes me throw up a little, so I will refer to is as MK.

Over the last 5 years I have been exposed to the "MK Expirence" as they call it, or as my husband calls it dealing with the devil.

Here is the thing, MK is a little truth mixed in with lots of lies to decieve, ( I think that is the definition of evil).

For instance, you are invited to a "Facial Party", which is really "You smear stuff on your face and I give you my sales pitch on MK."  When I go for a facial, I expect a professional to give me the facial, if I wanted to smear stuff on my face and get a sales pitch, I would sit on my couch with lotion and watch an infomercial.

The actual product, the stuff in the boxes  it's okay, it isn't anything I couldn't live without.  I have to say I have never tried any of there products that I couldn't find the same things somewhere else.  Calling it a "premium" product is a laugh, it is no where near the quality of a premium product.  There is not consistency in there products, the lotion you buy today will not be the same lotion you will get in three months.

All of this I could live with and would not put MK into the HATE category in my life, (which is a short list next to Wal-Mart, Lasagna and stuffed peppers).  What puts MK in this category is the "consultants" are NOT there to sell make up, or facial products.  They are not expects in the field, they can't even legally touch my skin, their ONLY goal is to get more consultants.  

I went to a sales pitch party a few weeks ago and was reminded of this. I would say a good 80% of the time was spent on talking about MK.  And how it is the answer to all your families problems.  And as far as the moto:  "God, Family, Career"  What it really should say is "Consultants, meetings, phone calls."  Every time I have gone I get the same pitch, and then the director needs to call me to find out how the consultant did, which is a lie, it is about why I should be a consultant.  

I have been taken to dinner, lunch, "beauty technique training" (meetings on getting more consultants.)  The worst was when I was put in a room with 3 other ladies with a director and asked point blank why I wouldn't want to have the money, extra time with my family, and recognition for what we do.  The lady said I needed MK because my husband would never give me the recognition I needed.  I told her she had no idea who he was or what he did and I didn't feel starved for extra attention.  Then she asked me what I was going to do to support my family because I couldn't be selfish and expect hubby to do it all the time.  And when I told her we had a plan and she didn't need to worry about it.  She said what is the point of having kids and a family if your going to pay other people to take care of them and not do the work yourself.  At which point I told her, it was none of her damn business what I did and asked her who was taking care of her kids while she was going around selling the devil's products, and conning more women into the scam.

Sure if you want to get dressed up, go to meetings and work towards a "Car" that you don't actually own, the company does and if you stop selling or if your sales drop or your consultants drop you loose your car.   These are a few of the little things they don't tell you.  Sure there are those who are making over $100k a year, but for every one of those there are hundreds of others who are not making anything and spending their time and money trying to make something that won't work.

I believe those who are successful with MK, are good sales people who would be just as good selling used cars.  For them it is finding the right people to get more people and to build up their gain it is not about making the world better, happier or prettier.

So next time you want to help your friend who signed with the devil and needs to have a party.  This is one party I am good to be left out of.  And if you get invited, be prepared for a sales pitch that rivals a timeshare pitch.  Good Luck!!


Vanessa Shannon said...

There are only a select few who can be successful at multi-level marketing. It takes a certain type of person to make it work and most people arent that type of person. I know Im not...I would say its time for you to start saying "no" when you are invited to one of those "parties"!

DenisonChangos said...

Amen!!! I loved it, I wish I could say something like that. I just make up an excuse why I couldn't go to the party or to the meeting. Way to go!!!!!

Ron and Jessica said...

Ron and I were laughing so hard while reading your post because we couldn't agree more! I cringe everytime I get invited to a "party." And I LOVE (sarcasm here) when they get my name, address and phone number off the ward list to invite me; that's my favorite of all!

Jeff and Kim said...

I totally agree! I signed up in a moment of weakness to become part of a "wonderful team" and I actually tried for about a year but it is a joke! I love the products but I am not into all that begging you have to do and you are right about the party. you have not had a good party unless you get one new consultant out of it!

I love this post!

Brian and Baely said...

I absolutely loved this post! I totally and completely agree. I was hunted down by a girl in my ward to buy and sell Mary Kay and I just wanted to scream! It drove me absolutely crazy. And, I loved your post about Las Vegas. I had so much fun with you and Charlee. It was fun to get to know you guys...hopefully we can make it a yearly tradition.

Kim said...

KIM, this is SO freaking HILARIOUS...I was sucked into the MK trap shortly after my marriage, and $3000 in inventory later, we were left selling the shee at a GARAGE sale. It is a joke. I whole-heartedly agree. Hip hip.