Friday, June 26, 2009

18 Days to go

This is a picture of Charlee from last week when we went to see UP with a good friend Becky (who needs to get her blog going).  And I had to take a picture so when Charlee is 60 she'll have this picture to show her grandkids of when she went to see this good ole' classic movie. 

You might be wondering what is up with her hair, well the other night I admit I was feeling a little adventurous so I put in these 15 elastics in her hair.  It maybe took 15 minutes and she was good the whole time.
She didn't seem to mind too bad, it was a fun style now I am looking for the next adventure with her hair. . . any suggestions?

1 comment:

arianne said...

she seriously is the CUTEST little girl ever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair!!! SOO CUTE!!