Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wacky Wednesday: blogging & bibery

My blog, oh how I love my blog.  When I see the deep blue background it calms me and makes me feel at home in my own little world.  I see pictures of my family and my life and it is like a breath of fresh air.  It is so much fun to think about and savor the posts as they are created.  I usually have at least 4 in draft mode, some make it the publish point and some only make it to the trash.

There are several reason's why I blog.
  • Share with my family and friends the happenings in our lives (I don't do Christmas Cards)
  • Create a simple history/ journal of the different parts of our lives
  • To share stories 
  • To make myself laugh, and to laugh at myself
  • To talk about Charlee
  • To show off pictures of Charlee
  • To share, educate & learn about ADOPTION

In my real world I talk people's ear off about adoption, I am always thinking about it.  Adoption is so much who we are, it is our family.  And there is a need for good, accurate information about adoption as an option to an unplanned pregnancy.  Here is just one of the reasons I blog about Adoption:

Of unmarried women 15-44 who experience and unplanned pregnancy . . . 
  • 12% will marry and parent the child
  • 37% will be single parents
  • 50% will  miscarry or abort the child
  • 1% will place the child for adoption
See the need to let people know that adoption is an option in this situation?  It is too much of who we are to not share what we are learning as we continue on our adoption journey.

Okay, now  I am talking to you.  Yeah you blog stalker who comes to look for new pictures of Charlee and to skim the superfluous words I write to get the scoop.  I hope you feel welcome and you enjoy the view into our lives.  So now I need your help.

I am sure you have noticed the addition at the top of my blog "Vote for my blog".  This is contest on gocitykids.parentsconnect.com, which is powered by Nick's Parents Connect.  And for the record, I feel in love with this site and used it before I even knew about the contest.  I can't win without you voting.
Here are the details:
  • anyone one can vote once per day
  • voting ends July 15
  • There are 30 categories you can also vote on
  • you can also pick from 52 cities to vote on
  • prize?? the title - Which I will wear with pride
  • announced 8/17/09
  • you can also enter a $2000 sweepstakes everyday until 7/15

The Bribe: as much as I would love to give you a dollar for each time you vote, Karst vetoed that idea, (since we still need to rebuild the deck on the back of the house).  

So I going with, what I have a fortune of:  pictures of Charlee.  I am sure you are thinking you haven't seen them all.  

Here is how it will work
My Part:  EVERYDAY until July 17th I will post pictures of Charlee - and as a special bonus for you there will be little to no words in those posts.  I will still do my classic posts weekly (I saw the worry in your eyes).

Your Part:  When you come to look at Charlee's  brilliant eyes, bounty of hair, and buxom cheeks daily just click the button and vote for our blog.

Thanks for helping me out, I better go now, I have more pictures to be taking.

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Kim said...

Buxom cheeks...that describes them PERFECTLY! Love that. What a sweet girl. I'm voting again!