Monday, August 17, 2009


Karsten's office had a Summer party at Fairview Lake.

We went to the petting zoo with some friends at Gardner Village,
Charlotte liked looking at the animals, but did not want to touch them.

Krista & Charlotte,
Krista is our friends daughter, she is also adopted, she was born on November 6th, so they are only 2 days apart. Krista was born 6 weeks early and is a smaller than Charlotte,
this is the first time they met, how great will this be?!

Just hanging out at home, she was going for the cat food behind her.

I hope you are sitting, because this will surpise you, 
after taken down our deck YEARS ago,
we had one put in last week.  

Charlotte will give you the tour:

Here is the entrance from the house, it is crawling friendly.
Here is the floor, which is so much better to crawl on than 
grass or cement, it is real Red wood, just smell it.
This is the end of the deck, you can watch cars drive by and 
watch the birds and no one hardly notices you.
This is how it looks early in the morning,
after my crazy mom made my hair look crazy.
I hope you enjoyed the tour,
 I would like to show you the stairs and the posts underneath,
but I have a restricted access, so you will have to wait to see the rest. 

It is always a joy to have helping hands, around.

We started out the day, going to a free movie
with Aunt Rebecca's kids, Alisha and Luke,
the movie wasn't what we thought so we left and hung out at our house,
coloring and eating fruit.

Just woke up from a nap, the hair always gives it away.
She almost looks innocent, I mean she is always innocent.

Except when she doesn't get what she wants right now.
Playing with powder.

More helpful hands.

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Ron and Jessica said...

That powder one just cracks me up!