Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moving Day

After a bad experience in my first booth rent salon, I went searching for another place to start over, there was a lot of options, but nothing that seemed to fit. I walked into Salon By Design in Murray and they were so friendly, busy and I loved the way the place was decorated. The owner Pat showed me around the salon, in her jean capri pants and flip flops, she was nice but very matter of fact. This was her new business and she was taking care of everything. It was a good fit, I had a good feeling about it, so I moved in my stuff and started working.

My first day working there, I got a ticket on the way to work, and it was only 5 minutes from my house. Hair Stylists are flaky, so there was a lot of different people who came and went, the last 10 years, oh, the stories I could tell you. The ego's, talking about personal things, borrowers, the crazies, thankfully there was always a few nice, stylists that evened it out. I don't know if I could even stop and count all those people who came and went. To say the least it was always entertaining there.

We have had lots of fun, with the Christmas parties, summer parties, showers, birthday's and just talking and laughing. You can learn anything about everything in a salon. Oh, all those conversations.

But over the last couple of years, things have changed, the decorations changed, the colors changed, even the floor changed and it just didn't feel as good anymore. This is how it looks now.
I am awake thinking about all of this, all the things I have learned there over the years, all the hours I have spent there, and all the people who have touched my life when they walked through the door.

In a couple of hours, I am heading out the door with boxes, picking up my stuff. My last haircut in that chair is finished, no more using the shampoo bowels, no more mixing my colors over the washer. The time has come to move on.

The updated decor, has faded, the businesses around us are gone, it is not a place where my business can grow, so I need to move on, I have to move on, there is nothing more I can do there. I need my business to grow, I need to move on.

My heart is breaking, I have been in tears all week, I grew up there, I lived my twenties with that salon in my life. I am going to miss seeing my friends every week. It just isn't easy, but I know we all experience this at different times through our lives.

I am excited for the new things happening, I can't wait to share them with you, but right now, today, I am letting the old things go. Change - what a word!!


Vanessa Shannon said...

Cant wait to hear about your new place! Good luck!

m.moments said...

Good luck- you make it so hard for all of us to say goodbye.