Monday, February 8, 2010

Did you want to see my new salon?

I shared all about the move here. And now that I am there and feeling the good vibes, I wanted to share pictures with you. Here you go:

My Saturday home. This is a great space with good lighting.
The place I make my magic happen.
And Ta Da, not only do they have a front desk, but they do also have a receptionist.
If you were with me at the last salon, you know this was not what we had. Even through I book my own appointments it is nice to have to stop and answer the phone, and I love when my clients walk in they are greeted by someone and not chaos.
A look into the place. This salon has 14 chairs, but they are spread out so you wouldn't know it, unless you were looking. Also for my good and faithful clients, notice the floor is NOT painted cement. Yay!
This place is really a full service salon, and is bigger than it looks from the outside.
Here are a list of the services available for my clients.
Haircuts & Styles
Hair Extensions
Spray on Tan
Eyebrow/Eyelash Tints
Eyelash Perming
Eyelash Extensions
Chemical Peels
Permanent Make-Up
Make-Up Application

Here is one of the Facial rooms.
Pedicure Chairs, doens't it just make your toes tingle. One thing I love about this place is the nails are on the other side, and in their own room, so you don't smell the acrylic when you are getting your hair done.
Here it is, my little chair I pay to rent 2 times a week.
Okay, so now that you have seen the pictures, come and see it for yourself. I plan on being here for a long time. The people have been so great and welcoming to me. I am really loving doing hair again.

Also, I probably won't talk hair much more on this blog, because really it can all get a little too confusing for my little brain. I created a Page on Facebook, called "Kim Does Hair". There is a link on the sidebar, become a fan, and there you will see pictures and discussions, with different ideas and all hair things.

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Sarah said...

Wow! That place is gojus! If only i lived two hours closer! ;)