Friday, December 17, 2010

and the winner is . . .

From my last post, I thought I should update you on who the winner of the Employee of the Year for the accounting firm Karst works at.

It was announced at the annual Christmas dinner, after we had devoured the salmon and prime rib.  The partners introduced all the new employees and gave out recognition for accomplishments throughout the year. Karst was recognized for his accomplishments this year, but I am not allowed to share that with you . . . yet.  Also they recognized milestone employees, Karst got a $5 gift card to In and Out for being there for 5 years.  Then came the announcement for Employee of the Year and it went to:

Eli- from the Spanish Fork Office.
Karst and Eli actually started about the same time and they have worked together on different audits over the year.  Karst was so happy for him.  He was so shocked and so humble about it, he totally deserved it!  Congratulation Eli!!

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