Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I grew up with 4 sisters and 0 brothers. Yes that is a lot of estrogen and yes we know how to get under each other skin.  If you were missing a skirt or some earrings, you could always find it with their stuff.

Now, that we have our own families, and on different paths in our lives, getting together is not always easy.  But it is always lots of fun when it happens.

My four sisters are my first BFF's they know all my embarrassing moments and my weaknesses, yet they still love and support me.  I could never imagine my life without them.  Even though we don't talk everyday and only get together a handful of times a year, we never miss a step.  There is always a lot of laughter and maybe just a little bit of drama.

**disclaimer** I have ran out of space to upload new pictures, so hold on and soon I will have new up to date stuff for you.

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