Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

I just left Karst in Wyoming with his family, because I get to go to work tomorrow. We had a great Christmas. We started our Christmas shopping on Monday the 17th and we were pretty much done by Friday the 21st. It was a little stressful, but when isn't it? We did almost all of it together. That was worth waiting for.

Since last week we have gone to friends parties and family parties, even a birthday breakfast. And we might be partied out. The best part of the holidays is you make the time to get together and you take the time to think about others. Although we didn't make it to Logan or Layton to visit some friends. For the most part we did see them all.

So Karst comes from a home of 6 boys, and there favorite thing to do make fun of eachother. So this year for Christmas after we thought all the gifts were exchanged there was one little gift bag with Karst's name. He opened the gift to reveal the "bro" (from Sienfield), with a note letting him know that they wanted to be there to support him. It was hilarious!! Best gift ever. I think they had more fun giving it to him, then he recieving it.

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