Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

So since Leap Day is only once every 4 years. What did you do? 

I made Karsten breakfast in bed, I figured once every 4 years I could make the effort.  The surprising this is he didn’t wake up until I pushed him, even with a plate of bacon right under his nose.  How do you not smell bacon??

Yes, that is a Dr.Pepper in my hand at 6 in the morning.  Some days you just need a jump-start.
Of course we both went to work, and did our own thing no other traditions were started.

I went to lunch with my good friend Becky, we went to Mr. C’s Pizza place and it was delicious. 

It was a good day, next time I’ll have to put a little more planning on it.  I could put frogs on everyone’s desk so they remember it is Leap Year!!

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