Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

Okay so I LOVE to have people over for dinner.  Karst, likes it when people come over but is not the one to think about it.  And I am very grateful to report that even though it was the busy season and he had a lot of homework we were still able to have our friends the Gedes family over for dinner.

They are a great family, 1 son 3 daughters.  I had worked with Betsy in Young Women's, I have been in Young Women's with all of their daughters.  And they are so adorable.  And Veronica and Mary were so great to come over a few years ago and help us paint the inside of our home.  They did so great,I highly recomend them. Mary has been our landscaper for the last year, she has helped us keep up on the lawn and other projects.

So anyway we were so excited to have them over for dinner.  On the table I had put pie tins and a glove, with a plate of pita bread in the middle, with all the other food hidden.  They were so gracious, and polite they didn't ask were the food was or if there was anything else.  I even said to Mary doesn't it smell so good ( nothing had been cooked), she looked at me but said yes.   Anyway, I tried to do a little speech about having a hebrew meal, and there eyebrows went up and no one said anything.   

But we couldn't keep it up we just started laughing and let them know we were doing make your own pizza's.  We pulled everything out of the fridge and got everything baking.  Good, fun easy food! We had veggie's and chips & dip. 

It was so much fun to laugh and talk with them.  Karst showed him all his pictures from the 50 miler. It was a great evening with great people!!
Then lucky for us a few weeks later Karsten's Uncle Tom invited us over for dinner.  Now he knows how to host the party.  He always prepares the best meals and has a beautifully set table.  It is always a treat when he has us over.  I am talking 3 different courses.  The perfect music and food brought to the table hot.  It was a wonderful time!! We need to have him over to our house someday soon.

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