Wednesday, March 5, 2008

wacky wednesday

Okay so this weeks "Wacky Fact":
In the last 6 years I have gone to 7 traffic schools, in 6 different cities.

I am knocking on wood because it has been a year since I had my last speeding ticket.  Luckily none of the speeding tickets have made it onto my driving record. I think the 7th time was the charm, I am a slow learner.  (knock on wood for me).Karst, has had one speeding ticket. He is a good and steady driver, never taking too much of a risk.  In the morning, Karst can be walking out the door while I am trying to find my shoes. However, I will be out the drive way while he is still adjusting his mirrors.  The difference is I want to get there now and he wants to get there safely.  When we are going somewhere, if we need to get there in a hurry I drive, if we just need to get there he drives.  Maybe, if I wasn't always running 10 minutes behind I wouldn't have this problem.

Speaking of driving and cars, one of my all time favorite things is my Lancer OZ Rally, her name is "Marge". It is a fun car to drive. She has been a wonderful car, she was a little sick last week, but we got her to the mechanic,  and she is back in ship shop shape.  She had a small oil leak.  I hate to admit it but she is getting up their in miles, 90,000. But I am glad she is back.

Karst has a black Z71 Silverado, his name is "Lou".  He is a great truck, maybe someday when Karst isn't buried in work, he will tell you more about Lou. 

So what is up with the naming a car? Back in High School, my friend Tonya told me that if you name your car, they will always take care of you. Think of all the time you and your car spend together, shouldn't you at least get to know their name, so when you talk to them they know who your are talking to? 
 I have even named a few of my friends cars.  The way I came up with these names was, my friend Christie, got a Mitsubishi Mirage, shortly after that I got the Lancer.  I was trying to find out what her name was, and Christie needed a name for her car.  This started the Simpson's  naming trend.  So since both of our cars are from the Mitsubishi family they would be sisters, but they weren't twins, her car was older so she was named "Selma" and the Lancer was named "Marge". 
 Wait it gets better, so just this last year Selma has not been doing to well, you know that smoking and drinking is catching up with her, so Christie got a back up plan.  She got a beater car, I don't even remember what kind of car it is, but we still needed to find a name for her. And we came up with "Maud", why Maud?  Because we all know this car isn't going to be around for long and she is going to die any time, just like Maud Flanders.  I hope you think it is as funny as me because it still makes me laugh out loud.
Okay the name "Lou"  is also from the Simpsons.  Lou is the black cop, the truck is black and since Karst is the rule keeper and the safe driver it seemed to fit the truck very well.  

Just think of the hundreds of Simpsons characters, we could have a hundred cars and still have many names.  We're just glad Marge has learned to slow down a little bit so I am not spending my valuable time in traffic school, because nothing sucks the life out of you then hearing a monotone cop tell you how to drive.

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