Friday, March 21, 2008

Le Lit Book Club

Okay so a long long time ago in a land close to here, my friend Tonya started the Le Lit Book Club.

It was great 6 girls talking about the book they had read.  Oh and the books we found to read, the things we learned, the stories we told.  It started out monthly and we would take turns doing it at each others house.  We would have an outing or two.  It really was a lot of fun.

The club is still here and it is still functioning, just in a different way. Now that 67% of us are very busy mothers with children, getting together let a lone reading a book has become a new challenge.  So about once every 3 months we get together and talk about the different books we have all read.   But usually it is the books that Amy has read, and she gives excellent book reports.  Here is my confession although I don't have children, I am probably the least likely to show up.  My bad!!

For this outing we met at the Citrus Grill, and amazingly we all made it there alive, no thanks to all the construction.  But once there it was worth every pothole.  It was so good to get together and laugh and catch up with everyone!!  They are amazing women and I am truely blessed when I am around them.  So since Amy is the one reading all the books and she doesn't have a blog.  I have added a side element called Let Lit Club that shows the books she recommends.  I have not yet read them, but I will be after the yard sale because I will so need an escape.  

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