Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No One Can Love You Like A Daddy

March Of The Penguins

If we believed in reincarnation, (which we don't), I would have sworn that in his previous life my hubby Karst would have been an Emperor Penguin.  Like we learned in March of the Penguins, the males hold the egg, for 2 months during the winter until the egg hatches and the female returns with food, they then go as quickly as they can to get food for themselves and bring some back over the many mile journey for their young.  

Here are a few examples of how Karst takes care of his young one.
Karst always makes sure things are as clean as possible. 
 Before he would put her car together, he wiped it all down with Lysol wipes.  
Karst can get Charlee to try any food.  He always shares his dinner with her, even if she just ate.
He has taught her the joys of ice cream and candy.  On this day, we were at Gateway, they were walking around.  There was a lady sitting on a bench with a cup of Ben and Jerry's, Charlee walked right up to her and stared and got closer and closer, hoping to get a bite.  Without a second thought about the other snacks that were already packed, he went and got Charlee, her own cup, of his favorite ice cream so they could share.

Charlee adores her daddy and follows him whenever she can. 
 If she knows where he is, she wants to be right there.
They have a morning routine.  He gets up, gets her out of the crib, changes her diaper.  They go down to the kitchen, where he attempts to feed her breakfast, usually yogurt or cereal.  If she doesn't eat it, that will be his breakfast.  Karst makes his lunch while she is eating.  Then he puts his bags on the stairs and gets ready.

Charlee then makes it her goal to try and get into each of his bags, 
looking for the pens and pencils to write with.

After the hugs, good byes and kisses, she does what she can to follow him out the door.
At the end of the day, Karst always makes sure she gets her milk, he warms it up for her, and holds her.  When he takes her upstairs and puts her into bed, he always sings to her, holds her and give her extra love.  When I take her upstairs and put her to bed, he asks if I sang to her.
Even though he has been extra busy the last couple of months, he always makes time for her.  Watching them together is a riot, they teach each other a lot of different things.  When I look at these pictures, I am so grateful that she will never know how lucky she is to have such a good daddy.  Because to her this will always be normal.

The funniest part is, 
right now Charlee calls
 him mommy. 
She'll figure it out.

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