Monday, March 17, 2008

Rules of the BUSY SEASON

Blah blah blah, it's the busy season for Karst, I am sure you are sick of me saying it.  You should try living it.  This is our 3rd year of going through the busy season or  the "bs" as I like to call it.  And while we are still trying to balance it all we have come up with a few rules.
1.  Karsten is busy, 
Karsten is working, .
if Karsten isn't working he is studying,
 if Karsten isn't working or studying he probably wants to be sleeping.
2.  Kim gets ansy,
 Kim needs to talk, 
Kim likes to go places.
Kim needs to do things.
  Kim will have to get creative 
in how this will happen 
because Karst is not availble (see rule #1)
3.  We will plan at least one evening a week together, 
where no work or home work or house work is done, 
just quality time together,
 one night might mean 2 hours.

4.  Kim has endless amount of unfinished projects,
she should try to finish at least one through the "bs."
5.  Kim has many great and wonderful friends
she should use the "bs" time to catch up with them, 
Karst won't even notice if she isn't home by 9 p.m.

6.  Schedule. There is no schedule.
There is no set time Karsten will be home,
no set time when he will sleep.
It will happen, but there is no
 definite time it will happen.
7.  If Karst needs to do or remember something
don't tell or ask him a hundred times.  
You have to put in on the online calendar 
or email it so he puts it in his outlook.

8. Don't schedule or plan "events" during the bs.  
If something is planned don't assume Karst 
will be there.
9. Any birthday or special event will be acknowledged,
however not celebrated until after the bs is over.

10.  It is only for 4 short months, 
it's only as bad as we make it.
We'll live through it.

Don't get me wrong I love my husbands job, it is great to see him doing something he loves.  I am amazed at all he does and he just keeps going.  My support is there, sometimes I just get a little needy and being a slow learner, it has helped to  have a few rules to keep me calmed me down.  

I am amazed at all the people whole live through the  "bs"  and yet they seem to live normal lives and don't seem to have too many side effects.  However, the group of auditors he works with do go a little over the edge.  Like last year, when the audit team was totally obsessed with Cup of Noodles.  They had a hot plate, a teapot of water and had a bowl ready for anyone who might be hungry. If anyone came into his office he was ready to offer them a fresh cup of noodles, anytime day or night..  Seriously, I think he bought 3 cases and his co-workers bought cases and they would swap flavors and it was a Cup of Noodles Event everyday.

This year I can't quite figure out what they have going on this "bs", I think it is the salad bar at Harmons, Diet Soda, and ROCKSTARS. I believe their efforts are to avoid the "bs" weight gain. I haven't investigated their world this year as closely so I am not certain what it is.  He talks about the salad bar at Harmons and we even tried to schedule a time to meet there but it hasn't happened yet.  When it does I will have the pictures to show you what it is all about. However the talk of the Rockstar has not stopped.  "They are on sale here . . . they have all the flavors over there . . .  the purple one is still the best."
And you might be asking yourself. "What do auditors do when they have some down time?"  Well let me tell you, because it is no joke.  They play Brain Age on the DS, they time themselves on the math problems.  I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself, but it's true.  I think the record on the math is 14 seconds.

 The "bs" isn't fun, but it's livable.  It is all worth it, because come May when Karsten  beats me home and notices I do exist and I am still here and asks what my plans are for the night . . . it makes it that much sweeter!!


Vanessa Shannon said...

Kim you are so funny! I hope you survive the BS. I hate this season too but for different owing money! Good Luck girl.

Lynch said...

Again you are so good at words! It is so true! I hope you both making it through busy season! If you need some support let me know!