Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

We are a Sleep Number Couple

A couple of Christmas’s back, we got a “Select Comfort, Sleep Number bed.”  So basically there are air chambers on each side of the bed, there is a pump under the bed.  You select the amount of air pressure you want in your chamber and this is your sleep number.   Karsten is all over the map sometimes he likes a lot of air and sometimes he likes less.  It has been a great buy, what sold us on it was it had a 20 year life warranty so we felt the sucker fact was reduced immensely.

100 or 45 is typically Karst’s number I hold steady at 55.  It is great to have the option of changing the firmness of the mattress.  It is hard when the other person isn’t sleeping next to you because the air pressure isn’t the same if there isn’t a boy there, when Karst is on trips I usually take it up to 100 so it feels like someone is there.  It is hard to sleep in the middle of the bed because there is a foam divider between the two chambers.  Those are my only complaints other than that I love the Sleep Number system and would highly recommend it. 

Also as a side note Karst loves to have an electric blanket on the bed so he can be all hot and toasty when he gets in.  Me I need a cooler bed so I rarely have it turned on my side.  There you have it, won’t you sleep better to night knowing we are sleeping better?

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Jen Alonso said...

Kim you crack me up! I hope you know your blog puts a smile on my face every time I read it. Now as for the link to the ALANSO family...who are they?=)
Much love,
Jen Alonso