Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy April 8th Day!!

That means Happy Birthday to me!! I have always liked my birthday's.  I do blame this on my mom, she always tried to make the day special growing up.   When I was in second grade, I was getting teased a lot by older kids on the bus, I am sure I wasn't the only kid, it just felt like it.  Anyway when it was my birthday my mom told me I should tell them "Be nice to me it's my birthday."  So I did and it worked.  It worked so well, I continued to use it for months to come.  And finally after about 2 months one of the kids said, "No, it isn't your birthday was last week."  Busted.  

In fact I try to celebrate all month, like saying I can do this because it is my birthday month.  I know what you are saying to yourself, what is wrong with her?  Seriously.

It has taken me a few years to learn that just because it is my birthday the busy season doesn't stop.  As the rules state special occasions will be acknowledged but not celebrated.  So Karst and I didn't go to dinner or even share a piece of cake.  In a few weeks when the b.s. (busy season) is over, we'll celebrate it together.   I did however get one of the best gifts ever, the iMac!!  When we made the purchase be both agreed it was the "gift" for the year.  Which totally works wonderful for all parties involved.

Okay, back to me and my day.  So a few years ago when I was stuck at work on my birthday and miserable.  I said "Self, why are you working on your birthday?  Isn't it your day?  Why don't you take the day off?"  So for the last couple of years I have taken my birthday off, and if it falls on a weekend, I take Monday or Friday off.  So it feels like a holiday.  It's my gift to me.

So, now that I have set the scene:  it's me, I have the day off and I am neurotic about my birthday.  I got up this morning and just puttered around while Karst got ready for work because I didn't have to hurry.  And then once he left I turned on all the radio's on in the house and turned them up.  So every room I walked into the music was blaring.   I love my music loud, but Karst not really a fan, so this was a treat.  Then of course when one of your favorite songs comes on the radio you have to sing like no one was listening and dance like no one was watching.  Thank goodness I was by myself, but I was totally entertained.  

While I was getting ready, I decided that this day was about the things I love and things that make me feel good.  I would have a grateful heart and not negative. So as I am singing so off key and missing half the words, I thought wow doesn't my bathroom have a great echo?  And when I was dancing like a fool and I started thinking I wish I knew how to really dance, I turned it around and thought, good thing I don't really know how to dance because it wouldn't be so crazy fun.  

When I was getting dressed I choose all my favorite's.  My favorite fleece pullover because it feels like I am wearing a blanket and hello it is pink.  My favorite, too big for my age hoochy hoop earrings, my YW medallion necklace (worked hard for that), my strawberry shortcake watch and my leather flip flops. I did my hair way too big and used way too much product, because what is the fun in being a hair stylist if you don't go over the edge?  I even did my lipstick routine.  Which takes a lot of time and is just crazy, not something I don't do a lot but I love to know my lipstick is perfect and will last for hours to come. And I headed off for the DMV.   Good thing I noticed my license was going to expire and I had taken the day off.  Always, it's always great people watching at the DMV.

So one of my long time, great friend Christie agreed to take the day off with me so we could play.  And we really didn't have a plan, ( if you know me this is not normal, I live with my planner).  We went to our favorite restaurant Cancun Cafe.  

This is what Cancun Cafe food looks like in my back seat.  They have the best chips and salsa, but all of their food is good, and they have excellent service.  We had manicures, and pedicures went to Brewvies to watch Juno, did a lot of window shopping and got a lot of girl talk in.    I just got home about 10 pm and Karst was home!!

It was a perfect day!!  It was great to step out of the grind and look at things from a different angle.  What a wonderful life I have, I have a job that I can take the day off from.  I have a wonderful husband who works really hard to provide for us and he has always loved me for me and all my craziness.  I have many great friends, who always teach me so much.  Amazing family who is always there and has made my birthday special for years. I have a great life and I am so thankful that I do have the life I have.  It might not be picture perfect and there is so much I want to change and fix about myself, it is great that I have the chance to learn and grow into who I really am.  I might not have everything I want, but I have everything that I need.

P.S Christie, thanks for the fun day, the good laughs, the time spent and next time we get pedicures we'll find you some real shoes.  AND NO GREEN POLISH?? 
(It looks like you have toe fungus)


Vanessa Shannon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I am marking it in my birthday book so I will forever remember it. Im glad you got to enjoy your day......!

Mackey Family said...

Happy Birthday!! You are such a funny person. I so enjoy reading your blog. We need to have a girls day of our own this month. It is your birthday month so you are due for another one aren't you??? Glad you had a great Birthday.