Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Taking and giving compliments.  Somehow over the years Karst and I have developed our own little communication system.  Of course it is a little dysfunctional, but that's us.  Basically we acknowledge something was done or should be done and then say things in a round about way and try to throw in a third party.  So here is a few examples:

Scenario, a few months ago it was snowing, (shocker) and I left for about 15 minutes when I got home Karst had already shoveled the drive way.  I was very grateful and surprised.  So this is how the conversation went.

Kim:  "Do you know what happened to all the snow I put on the driveway before I left?" (translation, wow thanks for shoveling all the snow)

Karst:  "I don't know Fred must have went out and licked it up, Fred get back out there and put the snow back." ( translation, no problem honey I am glad I could do it)

Okay here is another example, I have a bad habit of piling clothes on the chair that I need to hang up and putting dirty clothes in a pile in front of my dresser.  Usually once  week I clear them all off.  For some reason there was a week that I hadn't picked up my clothes yet.  ( I know what your thinking mom, you did teach me better.)  So, I finally got a round to picking it all up and the room was spotless.  So here is how Karst acknowledged my efforts.

Karst:  Yelling from the bedroom.  "Kim, Kim someone broke into the house and stole all your clothes." (translation, wow Kim thanks for picking up your clothes the bedroom looks great)

Kim:  "Oh well, I guess I better go buy more clothes." (translation, I better buy more clothes because any reason to buy new clothes is a good reason.)

Here is the last example.  It's Saturday night and we have both been working and Karst wants to just relax.  Of course I am off doing something, and trying to figure out what is going to happen the rest of the night

Kim:  "So how is the homework?" (translation, I am sure you want to work on your homework this evening, but I am hoping we could go to the grocery store.)  

Karst:  "I need to be working on my butt grooves and holding down the couch for a while, I haven't spent the quality bonding time with the couch as I should. (translation,  I am going to relax on the couch for a while and I would love it if you joined me.)

I know there are always communication issues in marriage, and really who ever really understands what the other person is saying?  I love our little language we have developed it is always fun to think of new things to catch him off guard, but he is the true genius that always leaves me laughing.  The best is when we have people over or when others over hear our conversation because they have no clue and take it serious.  Then we both crack up.  If I think of any other great examples I'll try to share them.

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Vanessa Shannon said...

You are so funny.... I wish we communicated like that. Usually I have to actually point out exactly what I mean and then I still cant get anything out of him...oh well!