Sunday, February 3, 2008

Want to go Shopping for Jewelry??

I had a Lia Sophia Party.  I had started buying a few pieces of Jewelry here and there over the last few years.  The more I saw the more I wanted.  When my friend April told me her daughter Chelsea was selling it.  I signed up for a party. So I sent the invite, made the calls,  showed the catalog, cleaned the house and bought some eclairs and who came???

April (on the right), Chelsea (middle) and April's sister Matiltda (??) Just kidding I don't remember her name (on the left).  What do you think family?  They came from Logan and Richfield just to be at my party, isn't that great.  Okay, not really they were doing other stuff here but I was glad they found a minute to come.

There was all those people who couldn't come but still got a few things (much thanks!!).  But there was quite a few who did come.  

My neighbor, Gaye and anyone she could find to join us.  Thanks for coming!!

Also my cute little sisters and my niece came, because they are never too young to learn about shopping, party's, jewelry and good times.  Thanks for coming Aslynn and Rebecca!!  And thank for buying me from my party.
So why all the work of party, well besides for the great time and the good results.  THE JEWLREY.  Needless to say I went a little overboard, but how can you help it?  These are two of my favorite pieces I got.  However,  there is much need to complete my collection so let me know when the next shindig is and I'll be there!!

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