Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dreaming Big

First of all we have to apologize to our 3 faithful friends who are looking forward to our Wacky Wednesday.  I know we have missed the last 2 weeks, we have been living in our garage so it makes it a little harder to post a good Wacky Fact.  So hold on and next week it will be back.

So last year about this time we started a little thought, a little dream, to adopt.  We did the research we contacted agencies and we choose LDSFS to go through.  So we filled out the paperwork, and then we got more paperwork, we filled that out.  We did our physicals, we got our letters of recommendation, we attended the classes, we answered every question you could ever think of, we put our profile and letter together, we got our profile on line, and ta da 6 months after we started we were approved!!

As we went through each of these steps, our little dream got bigger and bigger.  And now our dream of adoption is our BIG DREAM.  We dream of meeting our birth moms for the first time.  We dream of scapbook pages, letters, pictures, videos and gifts we will prepare for our birth moms.  We dream of different ways to express our love and appreciation we already have for all birth moms.  

We dream of the days when those precious baby's are placed in our arms, I know it sounds crazy and I know I will regret it but I dream of the sleepless nights.  Of the 10 out fit changes in one day, the diapers, the bottles, the crying spells, we dream of all the those things that will make us parents.  We dream of big hugs, sloppy kisses, and all the love we can express.

We dream of the days when  we will go to court and get everything finalized.  The days when we will take each baby to the temple to have them sealed to us.  The day when all the papers says the baby is officially part of our family, even though the baby will have been a part of our heart long before the paperwork was started.  

We dream of sharing with them their story of how they joined our family, how amazing and special they are to their birth parents and how amazing and special their birth parents are to us.  It is so important to us that our children know where they came from and how they came to our home.   That they know what their first parents are like.  To share with them the pictures and letters from their birthparents, so they have that connection.  Our children will know how much they are loved and cherished by their parents.

Those are our big dreams, we enjoy them, we embrace them and then we go on with our day to day life knowing that what is today, will be different then tomorrow.  We are enjoying our life now.  We are living so many of our dreams now, we might not have our BIG DREAM today,  but we have all our other dreams.  We have each other and our marriage that we will enjoy after the yard sale is over.  We have our good jobs and our nice home.  Karst has almost achieved his dream of getting his CPA.  I have my dream of being a hair stylist and I get to do it every week.  We have our dream of working with the youth and we enjoy that at least twice a week.  

Six months after being approved, we are still "waiting", which means we are waiting to be chosen by birthparents to place the child with us..  But to us, today is one day closer to our BIG DREAM then we were yesterday.  And we couldn't have any of our dreams with out the love and help of our friends and family.  We look forward, to when we can share and celebrate our BIG DREAM with all those who love and care about us.


Anonymous said...

I love your Blog because it rocks the house I check it everyday I have it bookmarked. Like I said it Rocks The House I did not know i could post a commet until to day or else I would have sooner.

Lynch-family said...

ok ok So I don't think I am going to be able to live up to your increadable example of a blog but I did start my own! You would be proud!

Check it out and give me some tips I am still trying to figure it all out!