Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wacky Wednesday . . . Eating habits

Okay here is something that is kind of dumb, but I have to tell you it is one of my favorite things about Karst, and I know this should be a wacky fact about "us" but I have given up too many deep dark secrets about myself, so now I am going to share one of Karst's

Here it is:  Karst only eats one thing on his plate at a time.  So whenever we sit down to eat he'll eat all of his salad, then all of his veggies, all of his potatoes and then the meat.  He doesn't take a bite of everything when he starts and sometimes he doesn't even put all the food on his plate, like he will put the salad on his plate eat all of the salad and then put on the potatoes and east all of the potatoes.  If it is hamburgers and fries he will eat all of the fries before he takes one bite of the hamburger.

I have always thought this was very interesting, I have been intrigued that someone could do this.  Because just like everything else I am all over the place no rime or reason to what I am doing.  I have had to learn that when I made dinner, I do not ask him at the beginning how it is, I have to wait until the end of the meal to ask him how it is or I will only know how the salad is.  

I have watched him do this as long as I have known him, and I have to confess it is one of those little things that is enduring to me, one of those little things I love about him.  It is still a little crazy, so I thought you should know about it.  

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Vanessa Shannon said...

Thats funny! I used to be the same way only my parents didnt find it so endearing.