Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wacky Wednesday . . . We LOVE the iPod!!

Here is something you might not know about Karst and I.  We are music junkies.  

Karst is the true music junkie (By the fact that I like to buy it, not that I have any music abilities or talent).  When I met him I owned 3 CD's by the time we were married I had increased my collection to about 20.  However, Karst had so much music.  Now he has over 280 cd's.  His new love is iTunes.  I like iTunes and have made a few purchases, but I prefer the actual CD and case to the digital version. 
Between both of our iTunes, we have 7611 songs.  For my birthday 3 years ago Karst got me an ipod mini.  I didn't understand what the big deal was, then I got it and have used my ipod almost everyday since.  
A few years ago he got the ipod shuffle from work and used that a lot.  Then we decieded for travel reasons Karst should have a full ipod, so he went with the 80 gig, which was his new love.  Then when the ipod touch came out he really wanted one, but didn't really seem to be in the budget.  So what happened?  He won one at his works Christmas party.  How lucky is that?  I was grateful, because I thought that would take me off the hook for getting him a Christmas gift, how could I match that?  (It didn't work though.)  

And lucky for me after a month of him having 3 ipods and me with my little first edition Mini that didn't even have color screen, Karst was gracious enough to let me "borrow" the 80 gig when he didn't need it.  Bottom line, we are suckers for the technology and loving carrying our music collection in our pocket!!  And the good news, Karst and I are learning to share.

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Vanessa Shannon said...

It is something that I covet daily. If only I had the $300 to shell out for it, I would have had one ages ago. I absolutely think they are the best invention EVER!