Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 8 and we are home

First of all I am really sorry I did not get this posted a week ago when we got home.  I know you were checking and thinking that we were still in Kearny.  This was not the case. I got home and because I had over 2800 pictures it has taken a little sorting and adjusting to be ready to post them.

One of our weary travelers got sick (probably from something that we ate), and so instead of taking 2 days to get home from Nebraska we pushed through in one day.  We left at 8 am and arrived at our home at 11:51.   We drove 775 miles that day.  It was a long day for everyone.  The highlight of that day was when we stopped at the Brown and Gold store in Cheyenne, to get some University of Wyoming garb.  Our last official vacation stop was at Little America Wyoming to get an ice cream.  

I feel like I saw everything I wanted to see and more, I did everything and I came home exhausted but it was well worth it, time to plan another vacation!!

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Lynch said...

Your trip sounds so fun! Can't wait to see your pictures!