Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 7 When it's hog killing time in Nebraska...

Okay so there is this little camp song, the title and the words are "When it's hog killing time in Nebraska"  That's is that is the whole song, you sing it four times and the last time you sing it all dramatic like you are crying or something.  So this is an annoying song to sing becuase it gets in your head and it doesn't go away, but it is a great song to sing to someone if you want to get on their nerves.  The point of all of this, is last two days of driving in Nebraska and especially when I get the scent of the agruiculture that song starts playing in my head.  So today has been a little long, just in my head because if I sang it out loud I am pretty sure Karst would tie me to the front of the car like a hood ornament.

Last night we were in Omaha, this morning we went to Winter Quarters, it is was so beautiful and humbling to see the grave yard behind the temple and to hear the stories of the pioneers sacrafice.  I am glad we took the time to stop and see it.  

So we only drove 207 miles today, we are in Kearny Nebraska (pronounced carney), which is just great, one of the Simpson episodes is when they get griffted by some carnie's and they trade houses with  Homer and Bart and have to be carnies, (guys working in a carnival),  so we can say we stayed with the "carnies" tonight.    It is a nice little town, with a Cabela's that we finally found and did a little shopping.  We then went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's where Karst had a steak.  I have been waiting all week to see when he would get a steak and tonight was the night,  and  he loved every bite, and them complained that his stomach hurt.

However, after last night we wanted to make sure we got a decent hotel and ta da, we did we are at the Country  Inn and Suties and it is so nice and it is CLEAN  which is a great thing.  It is a big room with a King bed.  There is a fridge and a microwave in here, so we can heat up our underware or cool them off in the fridge depending on our mood, how great is that?  Plus there is real cable TV and Karst is just sitting on the bed drinking a Pepsi and flipping, flipping, flipping the channel, I think he could be in heaven.

We are planning on being home Sunday afternoon, it depends on what we find to do between Kearny and Utah.  I think we are going to stop at some malls and do some shopping because we really haven't had the chance.    Oh, how I love vacation and taking a break from everything, but I am glad we are on our way home.


Jen A said...

Sounds like a great road trip! I have some found memories of Kearny, last years of high school were just a hop, skip and a jump away (North Platte). Kearny was a good road trip my friends and I took often.
Hope the rest of the trip home was safe.

Vanessa Shannon said...

Hey! Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. Im so glad we are friends too. One day, when I actually have a life outside of my house, we need to get together more often....of course by then I hope you are deep in the throes of motherhood yourself! Cant wait to see pictures of your road trip.