Monday, August 18, 2008

Excuse me a minute, while I toot my own horn

I know shocking that I would want to talk about myself.  But I am so excited I have to tell someone.

I created a Blog for my job!!  I am sorry to tell you, it is on the intranet at work and so I can't share it with you.  Actually the IT department acquired it through MSN option, so it is not as great as blogger, but hey it's a blog.  It is an employee blog, for the employees by the employees, a place where we can go and talk about what is going on in our side of the world, to share accomplishments and to talk about what other people have done.

So I got a few posts on there, got some other employees to put some posts on there, set up the perimeters and the guidelines.   Today the CEO approved it and LOVED it!!  Considering when I asked about doing a blog, he didn't know what a blog was and now he is excited about it, must be good right?

This Friday is when it goes "live" when all the employees in the company will have access to it!!  I can't wait.  Isn't it sooo exciting!!  I am crossing my fingers that there are other employees as excited as me!!

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Vanessa Shannon said...

That is so cool! Look at you....