Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wacky Wednesday - Bathrooms

I'm back.  Doesn't it feel so good!!  I feel like my life is almost back to normal and I am back on track.

So this last month I have decided that I am bathroom obsessed.  I don't know if it's because I have had to use so many public bathrooms, that when I find a good one I am in love.  But I have learned to never complain about the one you are using because you never know what your option is going to be down the road.  When we were on our road trip I saw some pretty scary bathrooms and I was amazed I lived through it, but I really should have appreciated it, because this last week at YW camp what did we have?  That's right, the primitive out house.  I would have loved to get a picture for you, but I was afraid that the smell would somehow attach itself to my camera or the picture.  So you will have to use your imagination.  

In all fairness, my standards have been set higher because of my job.  We do sell some things for public bathrooms so of course they are installed in our bathroom for when customers visit.  Whatever the reason I am glad they are there.  Of course we have the standard, "butt gaskets"  (the seat covers), and we have the automatic flush, which makes my heart sing.  But we also have a "seat cleaner".  That is right if you feel you need to clean the seat before you sit, no worries just grab some bathroom tissue, give it a few squirts wipe the seat and your good to go.  Why is this not in rest stops and other high traffic areas?

Of course the sinks are motion censored.  Which might be a good thing for me because when I go into another bathroom I always forget I have to turn off the faucet.  

Then there is the issue with the paper towels,  we several options for your liking, we have the automatic paper towel that is also motion sensor and the pull towels.  Which is all good and appreciated, but the bestest part, that's right people I said bestest, is the door opening towel.
What?! I hear you saying, a door towel?  Well there is a little hand towel right next to the door that you can use and what is right below it?  A little garbage.  How genius is this?  Again why not in every bathroom?  We should push for this people!!  

So as you can see I do have some high and probably unrealistic exceptions of a public bathroom.   I have however found some good public bathrooms in my travels.  One of the best is probably in the Paris Casino in Vegas, love the little doors and the pedestal sinks, again where was the camera?  I love the Taco Time that is downtown on state street, the colors are wild the mosaic tile makes me laugh and it is a must see!!  A shocking great bathroom is one in McDonalds in Evanston, they have flat screen tv's in there and pretty nice set up.  

So there you go, now you know what I am thinking about when I enter a building.  "What are there bathrooms like?"


Kamie said...

I love the bathrooms in the Paris. I have pictures somewhere. I always take pictures when I go in there! :) It's the best!

I also like the bathrooms at Macaroni Grill - just because they play Italian lessons. :) And they are pretty nice. I mean does it get any better - learning Italian while sitting on the toilet?

And I am all for the door towel. That way i don't have to carry it over, open the door and then hunt for a trash can to put the darn thing in. The garbage can in the bathroom is never close enough. :P

I am picky about public bathrooms. :P I usually just wait until I get home. Bad, I know. When I was up at camp with Dustyn for a 3 days... I used the porta-potty once. I just couldn't make myself use it.

Alright, enough rambling for one comment. :)

Vanessa Shannon said...

I love this post. I seriously cannot stand public restrooms. Its just nasty business no matter how you look at it. Blech! I am loving the door handle towels because who wants to grab the handle of a bathroom door. Yuck. I carry clorox wipes with me so I can wipe stuff down before I touch it. Probably a little much but it works for me!