Sunday, September 28, 2008

huh, did you say something??

Yeah, I don't know really what to name this post, I just realized that all I have done for the month of September is the Wednesday posting and then I didn't even do last weeks.  So here is an update in the life of H2K if you are interested.

Karst is just working and studying, not a lot of fun for him I guess.  Fred is just disappointed that we aren't home more.  And I am just trying to get projects done.  I am so good at starting too much at one time.  We have been really involved with the FSA (Families Supporting Adoption), it seems if we have any free time it is being used with the organization, which we love and we are so glad to be associated with so many people involved in adoption.  It's always good to be going for a cause.

Here are a few things we have done this last month.  In no particular order.
I cooked 30 meals in 8 hours and froze them,  I need to do a post on that.
My friend got married, so who do you think did the invitations, the decorations and the food.  Yeah you know me, the sucker, but it was great fun and they had a great turn out.
Here are the newlyweds, they did have on the formal wear, but I was to busy then to get a good picture so this is what I got.   Aren't they a cute couple?
I did lot of hair, this is Whitney one of my clients who was thrilled with end result and needed a picture.
We went camping with some of Karst's family.  This is his youngest brother Tommy and his girlfriend Jen.  We did get rained out and left early, but it was still nice to be one with nature.
Karst had the best bag of Red Vines ever, and he still shared.
Here is the snow on Labor Day in Wyoming.  Good thing we packed up camp!!
Rebecca's little boy Luke turned one and we went to his birthday party, where he demolished his cake.  Don't they have the cutest kids?

Well there you have it, now you know what the deal is with us.  See we weren't too boring.


Kamie said...

30 meals? That is awesome! Good Job! I might need to read this future post of yours. :)

Your a wedding decorator too? For coolness.

P.S. Maybe you can save my hair. Yah... probably not. But hers is super cute!

Oooo... I LOVE camping. We should go camping. Okay, maybe next spring.

Snow? Cool. The weather has been nice lately though!!

And yes, they do have very cute kids!

Have a fabulous day guys!

illustamper said...

I don't think you guys are boring at all!!! (I really want to find out more about these 30 frozen dinners!) Thanks for your comment! I need you to do something cool with my hair,'s out of control!

Naomi said...

I love the freezer meal thing. When you are out I really want to do it with you next time!! love ya

Jen said...

I want more on the 30 meals in 8 hours...when is the book coming out?
Rebecca's family is adorable! Tell her hello from me!