Sunday, December 14, 2008

If your going to do it, do it right

Check out all of the pictures she took of Charlee HERE!!

Okay, so I love to take pictures, but I am an amateur at best.  I don't even pretend to know what I am doing I just hope that they somehow work out.  So even though I can take hundreds of pictures of Charlee, I still didn't have any that captured her true beauty that I could hang up as wall art.  So I called up my friend Kim, and asked her use her magic, but mostly skill and get pictures of Charlee.

Here is my opinion about kid pictures and family pictures in general.  I have many empty walls in my house because I have been waiting for kids so I can have our family be our wall art,  I mean sure there are some nice paintings out there but this is our family home and I want to be surrounded with that fact. 

 I also hate it when you see someone's pictures and it is the same pose as every other house on the block, the faces are different but the picture looks the same.  (Come on who didn't laugh at the pictures on the wall in Napoleon Dynamite, you know the same person serious face one direction, and smiling the other direction, because we had that same picture ourselves?)  Don't get me wrong kiddie kandids does great work, but if I see one more picture of a baby and a bear I think I will go cross eyed.  I just want the pictures I hang on the wall to be real and different. To be us.

When I first looked at Kim's work, I seriously thought it was a little on the weird side, but then I started really looking at the people's eyes and what they were doing and it seemed so much more real, they weren't just in a studio posed with cheesy smiles, they were outside, being them doing what they do and she captured it.  Look at a few different photo shots with other families and see how she captures who they are, doesn't it give you goose bumps.  Then email her and book a session, you will LOVE it!!

She came out to our house, she waiting while Charlee ate and fussed and when she was settled and calm she snapped away.  She didn't use a flash or filters she shot her in the sun light, something that I LOVED because you can see Charlee's good coloring, and natural beauty.  And then Kim spent hours editing the pictures to bring out her eyes and lips so, when you look at her you can almost smell her.    These are no mall studio in and out photo's these are images of Charlee that are a family treasure and I can't wait to plaster my walls with all of them!!  Thanks Kim, for giving us real art work!!


Vanessa Shannon said...

Gorgeous picture....she has the cutest little lips!

*~*kamie*~* said...

Kim is amazing!!! But Charlee is beautiful! I love her little features and full head of hair! So, so cute!!