Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good bye parainfluenza . . . hello pneumonia

Okay, in a nut shell this is the latest details.  We were back at Primary's a Pulmonary Specialist check her out.  The Parainfluenza is gone out of her system, but her x rays are not clear and it seems there is a bacterial pneumonia.  She is now on antibiotics, and still needs the oxygen.  The PS will check her again in two weeks.  If she is still having problems they will start her on steroids and do a CT Scan.
I think it sounds scarier then it is, or seems because she is so happy and doing so well.  She is always gaining weight and she doing and learning new things all the time.  There are several doctors watching her progress and a plan in place in how to get things resolved.  It is just taking longer then we thought.  


Lynch said...

I am glad she is doing better and way to look at the postive! I hope you are both getting some rest!

Amy E. said...

Despite the oxygen tubes in her nose, she looks happy! I'm sure this has all been pretty stressful for're in my prayers.

Oh, and thanks for being flexible with my appointment!

Kim said...

Poor sweetie pants.