Friday, March 13, 2009

A girl & her Frog

Every girl needs a little friend, right?
Charlee's friend is her frog humidifier, Croaker.
We tell her to take deep breaths of his "frog air" so she can get better.

The other night when Karst got home and saw Charlee with the flower on her head,
he turned to me very serious and said,
"I think we have the house too humid."
"Because it is making Charlee's head grow things."

Since she has been living in her sleepers
I broke down and put her in some clothes for the weekend,
just to make sure I had not forgotten how to do this.
A little tricky with the oxygen but we made it work.

She is getting better, this bug she has can't stay away.
So we'll keep doing what we have been and hopefully someday soon we'll
be done with all of this!!


The Shaver Gang said...

Kim, I hope that things are starting to get better with Charlee. She is so cute.

m.moments said...

I love how she is still smiling though it all!

Kim said...

She is a dawl...I least she is happy. :)