Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It wasn't a cold . . . it was bronchiolitis

This was taken on Saturday the 21st, who would have thought she was sick?

Charlee got a little cough a couple of weeks ago so i took her to the doctor on the 19th, and they said it was probably just a bad cold, the concern was her oxygen level was low, but once they gave her oxygen and then took it away she would maintain the level, they checked her again on Friday and the same things she was low, gave her the oxygen and then she was fine.  So we stayed in the house with humidifiers and suctioned her nose throughout the day.

Sunday, she had a little fever, by Monday morning it was 102.5 so we took her into Alta View Hospital. They did an RSV test, which came back negative, and a chest x-ray, which came back clear. They told us it was just a bad virus and to follow up with our doctor on Tuesday. So we did the suctioning, and humidifiers as before but also added Tylenol to the mix. This is when I made my last post on the blog, thinking we were good.

When I took her into the doctor for her follow up on Tuesday her oxygen was okay, her lungs sounded good but she still had a fever, so they wanted me to bring her back on Wednesday. So we go back in on Wednesday, she still has a fever, her oxygen was the lowest it’d been in a week, when they would give her oxygen she was fine but when they removed it this time she dropped really fast. So they sent her up to Primary Children's, we spent one night there. Karst took the last 2 days off work to be with her. We were doing all we could for her.

They did lots of tests and everything looks really good, it is not RSV, but was another type respiratory virus caused by a cold called Parainfluenza 3. RSV and about 5 other virus cause Bronchiolitis.  Her airway is clear they only suction it once while we were there, she didn’t need any breathing treatments, and her fever was pretty much gone. She ate good. The only thing was her oxygen level, so they let us take her home with oxygen.  And we take her back to the hospital when her airway gets congested so they can suction it out.  This will keep pneumonia from settling in, had we not caught it sooner it could have caused pneumonia.

She has gone to her doctor everyday and will until she is off they oxygen. Because she is only 3 months old they just want to make sure it doesn't become any worse.  This is so much better then being in the hospital.

Home, we made her quite the little bed up in the living room, she seems happy with it.
She is doing great, sleeping good and eating good.

Still playing and smiling

Charlotte is doing well. She is getting better everyday. Don't panic, the reason still needs to be on the oxygen, mostly because her airway is so little that when she gets mucus in there it is harder for her to breath and her oxygen level drops too low. Whenever she is getting congested and stuffy I take her back to Primary Children's and a respiratory specialist actually suctions out her airway. We are doing everything we can, we are good, so don't worry about us.  Just take care of your little ones.

She's still smiling and laughing and loving it when we talk to her.

She still loves to play and now that she is learning to grab things she is amazed by her own hands it is so fun to watch and see.
Sunday she reached out and felt Karst's goatee and loved it, couldn't stop putting her little fingers through there, and sometimes she would even try to grab, ha ha.
See she is doing great, looking good, we are not too worried, we know she will get over this and so will we.  Just wanted to let you know what has really been going on.


The Shaver Gang said...

I am sorry that Charlee has been sick. I hope that she gets feeling better! Your such a great Mom.

Kim said...

So glad she is on the mend. I think she looks adorable with the oxygen. :) What a heartbreaker she is. I love her to bits. She is the most gorgeous little girl.

Glad you are back at home recovering. So much better than the hospital for sure!


Lynch said...

I am glad that she is feeling better. Hope you both are getting some sleep in the process.

The May Family said...

Still just as cute as ever. I'm glad to hear that she is doing so well. When she gets all better, let us know and we will come up and have a play date.

Ron and Jessica said...

That's so crazy! Glad to hear you caught it early and she'll be fine :)

Vanessa Shannon said...

Awww poor little girl. She looks so sweet and sad with her oxygen on. Ive been through that at Primarys and its no fun. Im glad you got to take her home and I hope she gets better soon. Thanks for your kind words about our situation....I appreciated it.

Vanessa Shannon said...

Awww poor little girl. She looks so sweet and sad with her oxygen on. Ive been through that at Primarys and its no fun. Im glad you got to take her home and I hope she gets better soon. Thanks for your kind words about our situation....I appreciated it.

farmerswife17 said...

Little Charlee will be in our prayers, that there are no complications or anything of the sort. So glad she and you both are doing well inspite of all the scary stuff. This just confirms my reasoning for not having another baby in the winter months. I just had a miscarriage (Feb. 12th) and now feel we need to wait at least until March of next year to plan for the birth of another little one. Unless Heavenly Father has other plans, that is.

Carlykins said...

I need to take a bite of her!! She is so stinking cute!! I love it. It is amazing how happy they can be even when they are sick, it is almost more heartbreaking. All those loves she gets will help her mend quickly. ;)