Friday, April 17, 2009

VOTE FOR H2K - We Need you

Remember when I posted about, getting mother of the year.  (Click here to read the post.)

I was talking about the Go City Website.  (Click here to see the website.) 

They list all of the things going on for families, kids and anyone looking for a great outing.  They list the different library times, different museum exhibits, performances and so many other things, (like free kid's night at Chick-fil-A).  Check it out! 

And since Charlee has been better, I have taken advantage of different outings using this sight and in hindsight I should have told you about them, but you know I just didn't take the time.  I have always found the information on the website to be helpful and accurate.  I can't wait to use this more as Charlee gets older. 

(This is when we went to a FREE exhibit to see Easter eggs hand carved).

Ok now here is the GREAT thing, have added this blog to the "Exceptional Local Blogs" listed on there website.  And hold on, this blog is being nominated for 


 Now, just between you and me I know your blog would probably win if put up against mine, this blog is plane jane, and all over the place.  I LOVE blogging about our little life.  I love sharing things with you and I love reading your blogs.  If you could please take a moment and click HERE and give me a review that would REALLY help me out.   

Thanks and maybe we'll run into each other at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, (or Chick-fil-A). 

Like Charlee says:  VOTE NOW

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