Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's your Guess??

Being a first time mom, and an adoptive mom at that,  I am a little out of control about a few things.  One thing is picture's of Charlee.

 How Many Pictures I have taken of Charlee?
She is 23 weeks old, almost 6 months old.

Email me your guess and the winner will get a prize,
a real for life prize that will be put in the mail 
for the guess that is the closest without going over, 
you have until next  Friday  May 1st.
Email:  wyomingmade at gmail dot com

The WINNER, PRIZE and ANSWER will be reveled next Tuesday.

1 comment:

TomandSteph said...

I tried to give an educated guess, so I looked at how many I had of Krista. Boy, was I surprised! I am guessing you have 1400, and yes, this is lower than I think so I don't go over!