Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally - the photo question answered

Way back in April, I asked you to guess how many pictures I have taken of Charlee (here is the post).

Here is where the guesses:

Steph 1400

Jessica 1900

Melinda 2121

Vanessa 2898

Amy 2956

Tonya 3200

Kamie 4012

Joni 102878

Drum roll please:

The correct answer to "How many pictures have I taken in the first 23 weeks of Charlee's life?"


(I told you I was crazy and out of control, do you believe me now?)

So "Tonya" is the winner. - What did she win? Well, since she is one of my good friends from High School, and she since she is moving to Lexington Kentucky, we are going on a shopping trip and I will let you know what she picks out.

However, because I have been so slow in getting this post up, and I have kept you all waiting I have decided to do a second prize. This is for the one who guessed closest to the official 6th month mark.

That Number was

4065 -

So Kamie is the winner. - I will post a picture after she receives the item, so she is surprised.

Thanks everyone who guessed, and everyone else who just wondered in silence.

I have to go, there are more pictures to take!!


Kam-a-lam said...

I love that you take so many pictures (I can only imagine myself doing the same) and I love that I won! Yay! I am very excited!

Hope you guys are doing well. Are you coming to the FSA Conference this year? We all need my meet up anyways...

Kim said...

So cute Lady! You are the best mommy EVER!