Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vegas Trip

Karst had to work in Vegas for a week in April, so Charlee and I decided we should go to keep him company.

This is how she spent the six hour drive there, doing yoga.  Just kidding she slept most of the way.

One of Karst's co-workers brought his wife and baby.  So this is Tally and Charlee and their adventures in Vegas.  (And just to kill the suspense they did not get any piercing' or tatoo's)

We have been to Vegas many times, but this was our first as parents, so I wanted to find fun things for Charlee to see and for Tally to do.  Of course the people watching is always good, but we needed more than that for a week.

Remember when I told you about  This is a website that has Activities and Resources based on different locations.  So easy cheesey, I just went to the website, put in the zip code and ta da, there was a list of activities for kids to do in Vegas, and some were even Free.

One activity we found was at the Lied Discovery Children's Museum, they had an exhibit of Clifford the Big Red Dog.  So we went.  This was not listed in any of the Vegas literature in the hotel and if I didn't use the website I would not have known about it.

This is Baely holding Charlee for the photo, the dog was a little too big for her to sit by herself.

However, they did have a little doghouse that Charlee loved to sit in and she squealed with delight as the other kids played around her.

Here is Tally and Baely in a different part of the museum.  There was 2 floors and lots to do there.  Charlee loved watching Tally run around and play with everything and Tally loved there was so much for her to do.
Another thing I found was the best Casino Attractions for kids, so of course we went to Caesar's palace to see the F.A.O. Schwartz Trojan horse and do a little toy shopping,  Charlee might not remember this part, since she slept through most of it. 
The teddy bear collections (don't worry I shopped for her so she could rest.)
We also hit the Bellagio Gardens which were amazing and FREE, and out of the hot sun.
On our way home we stopped and got "the vegas photo"  We had a blast and will be back in August.  Good thing she still has 20 1/2 years to sharpen her black jack skills!!

So I am telling you if you are going somewhere and need things to do for kids, or just something different for yourself, go to that website (you can also use there guide on my sideline).  If you have family coming this summer or if you just need some place to take the kids for a few hours this summer, check it out.  And if for some reason you have decided that you want to move to Kentucky, the least you can do is use the website to find the best library in Lexington.


Vanessa Shannon said...

Cute post. I also love to use that website...very handy when you are in an "un-kid-friendly city" like Las Vegas! That museum looks a lot like the childrens museum here at the Gateway...Oh yeah, and 'been there, done that' on your comment for Kentucky. I think Ill just stay right here in SLC thank you!

Tonya B said...

Very funny about the Lexington, KY remark. Maybe you should come and find the best library for yourself there. We just bought round trip tickets to Louisville for $120. Maybe if you're nice I would even come and pick you up and not make you take a taxi.

Kim said...

Sounds SUPER fun...I love Vegas. We just went for our first time in January, it was a blast! Love the website, I am bookmarking it now!