Thursday, June 11, 2009

33 days to go

Charlee has a total of 8 cousins

On Karst's side there are the older cousins, Robert, Serah, Katie and Cora. 
They are so good to little Charlee and they love to hold her.

2 months after she was born Uncle Kris & Aunt Karee had Ryker (on the right), and 3 weeks later Uncle Tommy & Aunt Jenn had Jaxon (on the left). 
Even though Charlee has a few months on these boys, they are passing her in size already, but don't worry it looks like she will be able to hold her own with them.  Here she is pushing poor Jaxon down, and trying to look innocent.
On my side she has 2 cousins, Alisha and Luke, Alisha likes to play with her and show her things, look likes to play with her toys.
It is going to be fun to watch these kids grow up together, cousins make great friends, no matter the ages.

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