Saturday, June 20, 2009

24 Days to Go

Yes, she is still on oxygen, but it is only at night.  I had a post about when all the oxygen tanks and paraphernalia was out of the house, but the day it was going up the doctor called back and said she still needed it at night. 

As you can tell it isn't that big of a deal . . . 

and she has no problem removing it throughout the night, its fun to put back on without waking her up.
But she still wakes up happy.

We are still working with a pulmonary specialist to get this resolved, but we know it is  just a matter of time and this will be behind us.  So no worries!!


Vanessa Shannon said...

Do they know what is causing the problem? Allergies, asthma, virus?? Poor thing...she is such a happy little thing in spite of it. So cute!


They are not sure the cause, it isn't asthma. They are not sure but they think it is just because she had the pneumonia for 4 months before they found it that her lungs are still trying to recover, even though the pneumonia is gone.

She is growing strong and healthy and this will probably be a time thing and then it will be done.