Friday, September 4, 2009


This is Cindy and I, we have worked at the same salon for 8 years,
do I go with her or start all over somewhere else?

I woke up at 4:30 this morning with a decision on my mind.

Where am I going to be doing hair after October 1st?

I have been at a salon in Murray for the last 8 years, when I started it was newly remodeled, had fun new stylists in there.
However, over the last 5 years the owners have not updated it, and it has slowly gone down hill, as all of my clients could tell you.

I really should have made this move years ago, but I was comfortable and staying was easy, plus it was something I did on the side just a couple of days a week so I put up with it.

Nothing with the ownership has changed or with the salon, I have just hit my breaking point where I am done with it, and I gave myself the date of October 1st to be in a new location.

The problem? Finding the right location. This is the needs I have for the next salon I will work at:
Convenient location off a freeway
Only need 2 days a week
Good. professional stylists to work around

Right now I have two options, and I can't figure this out.
Option A:
3 girls from my current salon are opening a studio salon
The Pros: I know them, flexible with the days I work, reasonable booth rent rate
The Cons: Location not ideal, don't love the space, its new for all of them so lots of unknowns.

Option B:
An established salon that has been there for 9 years
The Pros: BEAUTIFUL space, modern, updated, trendy, full service salon that my clients can use, meet experienced stylists that I can learn from, great location
The Cons: Not flexible with days, 2x as much booth rent as I am paying now
I am thinking I should do option A for 6 months to a year, build more clientele, do more education and help the other girls get started and then go to Option B, next fall. Or I just keep searching for a better option??? I hate these types of decisons.

What's your thoughts?


Vanessa Shannon said...

I think you should go with option A for now just for the fact that they will be flexible with you and that is important because of Charlee. Then, if it doesnt work out, you can move to something different. Thats what I would do! Good luck and make sure you let me know where you end up...I think change is going to be good...that place was pretty outdated.

Amy E. said...

I go where yo know that!