Friday, December 4, 2009

Salon Prices

Kimberly’s Prices

Hair Designer/Color Specialist

Women’s Haircuts $25

Men’s Haircuts $25

Quick Fix Cut & Color $45

All Over Color $25

Full Color Weave $70

Partial Color Weave $55

Perms $30

Special Style $45

The Quick Fix is for when you are tight on time and money. It’s a haircut, plus 10 color foils weaved on top to help blend re-growth until your next appointment, and it will only talk 90 minutes.

Other Ways to Save:

Y Schedule 6 Weeks in advance and get $15 off (excludes Quick Fix)

Y Refer a friend and save $15


Vanessa Shannon said...

Some of the prices are cut off... the womens haircut specifically :)


Ok, I took out the cute font so it should be better.