Friday, December 4, 2009

Salon move complete

I have had my cosmetology license for over 10 years now, (where has the time gone)? This is something I always did part time, while I worked at other places full time. But being a stylist is what I love to do.

It is so much fun to help people feel better about themselves. To teach them different techniques about styling their hair and helping them make a change is very powerful. It is a part of me; it is a lot of who I am. Wherever I am, I am always looking for new styles new looks, in magazines, on t.v. , movies, for me it is about the hair first. Then when I go places, I am looking at everyone’s hair for what does work, and what doesn’t and I will admit I do pick out the home haircuts, and giggle. I know you think no one can notice, but really they can. I will remember someone’s hair more than the clothes they are wearing. I know I am not the only one who does this.

So a few months ago I mentioned here that I was moving salons, well the move did not go as smooth as I had hoped, but in the end it worked out better then I could have hopped. I am working at a salon in Ft. Union. I would love to tell you the name, but for safe reasons we'll call it Ft. Union Salon here, I plan on being there for many years to come. Anyway, now that I am settled and I know this is the place for me, I am ready to tell you about it.

Ft. Union Slon is a full service salon; they offer every service you could think of. Waxing, massage, spray tan, pedicures etc. I needed this for my clients. It is clean, it is fully staffed, it is bigger. Oh, I just love it.

Plus I have been doing more training on color, color techniques, and styling. So I can teach my clients how to better style their hair. I feel so energized and excited about my work now. Education is empowering!

I want to share what I have learned with you. You know how I like to talk too much, so here is another element/subject I am adding to this blog, I will call it “Hair Talk”.

Someday I will have some pictures of the place and show you what I am talking about.


Tonya said...

Congratulations on the move. I am glad that it has been a successful one. I can't imagine how hard a choice that was for you to make nor the hours that you spent searching for a good fit for you. Whew! I am glad it is done!

kimsueellen said...

Sounds fab...can't wait to hear more.