Friday, February 26, 2010

How I know he loves me

A few weeks ago, Charlee and I went to Wyoming for the day.  Karst had stayed home to get caught up on work, or that is what he told me.

When we arrived home, I was greeted with this, why is this wonderful?  Karst had shampooed the carpet in the front room, something I had wanted to do for months, but could not figure out how to get it done with a one year old on the loose.

Then I went upstairs and was met with another surprise:
He had redone the internet cable, that was in Charlee's room.  Her room used to be the office and the internet was installed in her room, so for the last year, we had a long cable running through her floor, so we could not close the door, we could not leave her in her room alone.

Even though, he had tons of work to get done, he took the time to do things I needed done, during the busy season.  That is how I know he really loves me.  


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It's nice when those men of ours do little things like that and let us know by their actions that they do love us. What a guy!