Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Emotional

Remember this post from last year?

At the time this all happened, of course I was scared and had lots of feelings about the situation, I had a few tears, but not you know a good break down.

Now it is a year later, and the tears of relief won't stop.  Why am I emotional now about something that happened over 12 months ago, why didn't I have the tears then?

Whatever, the reason, I am just glad those days are behind us, I am happy to see that Charlee is happy and healthy and growing strong and we got to the bottom of everything.  Good health is really a blessing, we are given everyday!

Back to play time.


Tonya said...

Let's just be grateful for the present and not pull those pictures of last year out until Charlee is 21.

The Shaver Gang said...

I think you jinxed (? spelling). I read this blog on Thursday. Friday, Cami had to go to the hospital with pneumonia. Hopefully she will get to come home Monday. I am glad Charlee is doing good. She has a good Mommy!