Thursday, August 12, 2010

Biting my tongue

1Last night, a girl, will call her Angie, was  sitting close enough and talking loud enough I could not help but over hear.  She talked of 2 people who did not really know each other, who "hooked up".  The girl wanted to have a relationship, the guy wanted a good time.  She told him she could not have kids. So they weren't careful.  6 weeks later she sent Angie a sonogram of "her bean."   Now the girl is moving into this guys house, and Angie is moving out of his house.

Angie was upset about how this girl had "trapped" this guy and manipulated the situation to have a relationship with him.

This is where I had to bite my tongue.   The thoughts were whizzing through my head.  So many emotions stirred in my heart.  I was instantly sick to my stomach.  Of course I have no idea who any of these people are and what the whole story is.

What I really wanted to do was tell Angie, it was not about her, and it was no longer about this girl and this guy.  It does not matter how it happened it can not be changed.  What did matter is this new life that was created, this baby needs parents, this baby deserves good parents who will love and care for them.  Parents, who will teach them right, help them grow, and provide for the babies needs.

This baby is the innocent one of everyone involved, but will be effected the most by how these parents handle the situation.

Remember I do not know who these people are, I am just listening.  I do not believe that adoption is the answer for everyone in this situation.   I do know it is an option.  And whether they plan to parent or plan to adopt, they better get a plan in place, and start putting the babies needs ahead of their own.

Before I had pulled myself together, Angie was gone.  Who knows what will happen?  Did I miss a teaching opportunity by biting my tongue?  I will never know.  So before I went to bed, I did the only thing I could.   I prayed to my Heavenly Father to help and guide all of them through the next months of many decisions that will forever change all of their lives.

What would you have done?

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Vanessa Shannon said...

Thats a tough one Kim. I think praying for them is really the only thing you can do because if the story is true then saying something wouldnt have done any your emotion might have gotten the best of you. Sadly this happens so often in this day and age. I will send a prayer for them too...and for you :)